German Championships 2014

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Kim Bui 
Photo Credit via DTB

The German Artistic Gymnastics Championships were held last weekend. German star Elisabeth Seitz withdrew earlier in the week announcing that a foot injury will keep her out of competition for some time, including Worlds. Fellow Olympian Janine Berger suffered an ACL tear during the vault event finals after attempting her Tsukahara double twist. We wish her a healthy and speedy recovery!

At 25 years old, Kim Bui continues to be a standout in German gymnastics. She won the AA title handily with a 56.550. She also won the floor title with a new routine. It's hard to hear the music on this video but most impressively, she continues to upgrade! Her floor routine has a double layout and a whip into double tuck that makes me think that there's more she's hiding.

I've taken a particular interest in German uneven bar routines because a lot is going on. Eli Seitz had been the reigning German bar Queen with Kim Bui knocking on the door. In recent years, Sophie Scheder and Lisa Katherina Hill have surpassed them taking the new 1-2 ranking in 2013. We've seen Scheder internationally at the American Cup and at the 2013 European Championships where she placed 4th on uneven bars. We have not seen much of Hill in international competition as she has been named alternate multiple times but strong and steady wins the race! Hill was crowned Uneven Bar champion with a 14.600/6.5 D-score. With Worlds being a team competition with 6 spots, she should be able to earn this spot for her uneven bar work in addition to being a strong all arounder for Germany.

Honorable mention goes out to all around silver medalist Pauline Schafer who has a pretty nice floor routine. Her second pass is a front layout connected to double front that was landed beautifully. She also does a very impressive triple turn and may be working on a quad.

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More videos can be found via Turnmaus00


Youth Olympic Games VT/UB Event Finals

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Iosra Abdelaziz (ITA)


Oh, Wang Yan's going last so she's gonna win provided she doesn't fall

Sae Miyakawa (JPN)
VT1 DTY: Nice height and clean twisting form. Just 2 steps back to the side. 5.8/14.8
VT2 FHS layout 1/2: very pretty! Good height and very clean twisting form. Good landing. 5.4/14.333
Average 14.566

Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)
VT1 DTY: She didn't seem to have that crazy knee bend on the block that she usually did but then had a little soft knees on the twist. Pikes down a little too early and takes a huge step back. 5.8/14.6
VT2 Y1/2 on, layout off: Ouch! She does a forward roll out of it. What more is there to say? 5.2/13.833
Average 13.816

Boglarka Devai (HUN)
VT1 FTY: Nice height. Pikes down a bit for landing and takes a big hop back. 5.0/13.733
VT2 Tsuk 1/1: Good! Just a small step! She looks like she's ready for Euros EF with that vault. Just a step to the side. Just on the line. 5.2/13.8
Average 13.766

Ellie Downie (GBR)
VT1 DTY: Huge DTY. Excellent height. But then a big step back. There's maybe a meter/yard of mat left behind her. 5.8/14.866
VT2 Y1/2 on, layout? 1/2 off: Hmm. She put up 5.6 but pretty sure that was pretty piked. We'll see. Otherwise it was good. Fully rotated on the block. 5.2/???
Average 14.566 - commentator said she broke the tie with Miyakawa and won it

Laura Jurca (ROU)
VT1 FTY: Decent FTY. The landing wasn't great - few hops in place and a step. 5.0/13.833.
VT2 DTY: DTY and I agree with the commentator. Her double is better than her full. She overrotates so turns right into saluting the judges. Her block isn't great (twists immediately after 5.8/14.666
Average 14.249

Sydney Townsend (CAN)
VT1 FTY: Decent but hop back. She is so scared of that DTY. I can't breathe... 5.0/13.6
VT2 DTY: Does a pretty good job! Hands a bit narrow on block. Her chest is low and she takes a hop forward to save it 5.8/13.9

Tutya Yilmaz (TUR)
VT1 FTY: Hmmm... She has one of those pikey twists and takes a hop back. 5.0/13.8
VT2 DTY: Boo. Falls on DTY. She twists fast but does not have the height she needs at all. Poor girl. 5.8/13.266
Average 13.533

Wang Yan (CHN)
VT1 Tsuk 2/1: Super amazing! Nice tight twist. Just the smallest step back on landing. 6.0/14.9
VT2 Rudi: The crowd is reacting to the 6.2 and made me nervous haha! Makes the Rudi around - chest is low and a few steps in all different directions. 6.2/14.666

FIG Tie Break rules - the first part in breaking a vult tie break, is looking at the higher of the 2 vaults. So Ellie wins with her 14.866 vs. Miyakawa's 14.800

Stephanie Hernandez (MEX) - She looked nervous after warmups. Jump to high, kch a little short. 1/1 little leg separation. Giant 1/2 little leg sep to Jaeger. Then kch pikes down to low bar. Misses a handstand and redoes it. shoot to high. some giants. a clear hip. Double pike dismount and overrotates so she falls. 4.9/10.433.

Laura Jurca (ROU) - Hindorff. Pak to low bar. Handstand 1/2 that's short.  Shoot to high bar. Clear hip 1/1 to Gienger that she misses - a little far but touches bar. Finishes routine with full twisting double back. 5.2/11.133

Wang Yan (CHN) - makes Weiler. Does 2? Switches to L-grip. Full turn to Jaeger. She's doing well. Nice double layout. And she's gonna win this again. 5.5/13.066 - e of 7.566 wow. These judges are no joke

Sae Miyakawa (JPN) - stalder 1/1 that's later, giant to pak, stalder 1/2 shoot to high, another stalder, 1/2 pirouette to nice piked jaeger. Giants to double layout. She let go too early but makes her double layout around. Hop forward, chest low. Up until that point, I would've said she could beat Wang Yan... 5.1/12.433. (Boo but her D is lower so fine)

Antonia Alicke (GER) - Weiler half to shap, little leg sep, toe on full, toe on giant, toe on shoot to high,  Gienger with leg separation and flexed feet. Toe on 1/2. Double twist dismount. Pretty dang good! She has some feet things to fix - little leg seps and flexed feet. But if she fixes that, she'll be super competitive with Germany's current bar workers in my opinion (as she increases her D-score). 5.6/12.633

Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) - toe-on shap to pak, toe on giants, toe-on shap half, toe on giant, toe on giant full, Tkatchev, L-grip to double front hop forward. Girlfriend is bringing it after her mistake on vault. 5.6/13.575

Iosra Abdelaziz (ITA) - toe on giant, toe on giant full to shap, uprise stalder to Tkatchev to bail to shoot to high. A little dead hang and has to muscle up, and misses handstand. Stuck on endo 1/2 a bit. Back in full out. Big error was the endo I'd say. 5.4/13.666

Ava Verdeflor (PHI) - clear circle to handstand, full pirouette, giant 1/2 to Jaeger, bail shoot to high, hitting handstands cold. Double pike with a hop. She should get a good E-score. 4.9/12.333 - She just asked for her Mom haha


Romanian National Team Training in Sweden

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Diana Bulimar, Larisa Iordache, and Jonna Adlerteg via Larisa Iordache facebook

The Romanian National Team has recently returned from a training camp in Sweden. This short news clip was posted to the Swedish National Team youtube account. There are some gems in there, most notably being Diana Bulimar.

1. Didi speaks more English (she did this after Doha as well). According to tumblr user nadia-comaneci, she learned English by watching American TV shows.
2. Didi and Lari have a moment where Lari’s late for the lineup and then they burst out laughing
3. Near the end, Emma Larsson is laughing because the reporter asks her if she's spoken to the girls which she had not. "No but we train the same time as them so you can see what it takes."
4. Didi, ever the diplomat, says she wants to be healthy for worlds, be a team with her girls, and make Romania proud.
5. Larisa Iordache is seen training a 1.5 through but does not show the connection move.

I had this in my drafts since July and I guess I never clicked publish, my mistake. Since then, Diana Bulimar has suffered a leg injury and will be out for Worlds. We wish her a speedy recovery!