Victoria Moors out of Commonwealth Games

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Photo via Ellie Black on instagram

Earlier today, Arabian Punch Front first revealed the news on social media that 2012 Olympian and 2013 World Team member Victoria Moors was out of the Commonwealth Games for Canada. No official statement has been released from Gymnastics Canada or from Moors herself. All that is known is that Victoria Moors was having a difficult time at the training sessions. While unlikely that this abrupt withdrawal was due to injury, we will wait for confirmation.

Photo via Jean-Francois Mathieu on facebook

The Canadian gymnasts were able to attend the Opening Ceremony but Victoria Moors was missing. Since then Moors, has showed pictures that she is at home and posted a picture to instagram wishing luck to the Canadian team.

Victoria Moors is replaced by Victoria-Kayen Woo. At the 2014 Canadian Championships, she finished 5th in the all around and 4th on the uneven bars. Given Canada's strong all arounders, it will be interesting to see how Woo fits in this lineup. Watch for her on uneven bars where she has a 5.5 D-score and may hope to make event finals. For Woo, this could also be an extra opportunity to prove herself as a World Team contender.

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CWG Athlete Profile: Georgia-Rose Brown

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Original from equilibras
Edited by me

Honesty is the best policy - I was dreading doing this Australian feature. Not only was it hard to pick an athlete to feature but also because the Australian team has been a bit of a mystery. Last year, there were selection criteria to determine which athletes wuld be eligible to go to Worlds. In the end, there were only two athletes that were capable of meeting the D-score goal and neither was selected. In 2014, however, the gates were finally open and we started to see the Aussie gymnasts in international competition again at the Doha Challenge Cup and Pacific Rim Championships.

The Australian team seems to be the opposite of most teams - a group of specialists rounded out with an all around gymnast. The team consists of Lauren Mitchell, who no longer trains UB, Olivia Vivian, who does not train vault, Larrissa Miller, an UB and FX specialist, and Mary Anne Monckton, who does VT and BB predominantly. To round the team out, we have all around gymnast Georgia-Rose Brown.

In 2011, Brown's first year as a senior, she was selected to the World Championship team where she helped Australia to 8th place and a secure spot in the Olympics. Unfortunately, she was named as reserve to the 2012 Olympic Team. As mentioned before, no Australian gymnast went to Worlds in 2013. In 2014, Brown went to the Pacific Rim Championship where she earned bronze on the uneven bars. She also finished 6th in the all around and has easily broken that 55.000 AA barrier numerous times.

Look for Georgia-Rose Brown to make the all around final. She's broken that 55 mark with her stunning execution. Provided she competes all 4 events in qualifications, she should be able to make the final. She has a shot at a medal too - if you consider 2 Canadians and that the English AA lineup is a bit up in the air, Brown could easily sneak in and grab a medal. Watch Brown on the uneven bars, although the 2 per country rule may keep her out. It will be a battle with teammates Larrissa Miller and Olivia Vivian. Brown boasts a 6.1 D score on the event.

Watch her on BB here, on FX here (watch her beam if you want to see some long long long lines)

Honorable Mention goes to teammate Mary-Anne Monckton who competed and won beam at Nationals and was named to the Commonwealth team just 4 weeks after surgery. She also was super supportive of compatriot Maddie Leydin and helped guide the gymternet to Leydin winning a sports scholarship and some additional money donated to Gymnastics Australia as well! Watch for Monckton on beam where she's capable of a 6.3 D score. Of note, she also has a front aerial-sheep jump connection that she competed when she won silver at Doha but I have not seen it in video since.

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CWG Athlete Profile: Courtney McGregor

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Original by Grace Chiu
Edited by Me

Courtney McGregor is a New Zealand gymnast that has gotten a lot of attention lately for the strides she is making, specifically on vault. Earlier in the year in Doha, she became the first Kiwi gymnast to make a World Cup event final. At the 2014 Pacific Rim Championship, she won her country's first ever medal at the event when she earned silver on vault sandwiched between two strong Canadian vaulters - Ellie Black and Maegan Chant.

At the Commonwealth Games, watch for Courtney McGregor to make the vault, floor, and all around final, provided she competes AA in qualification. Her 2 vaults at Doha were a double twisting Yurchenko (5.8D) and a front handspring tuck full (5.3D). At the most recent meet, CSG Classic, she competed a 1.5TY (5.3D) and unveiled a new Yurchenko half on, tucked half off (5.0D - think tucked Podkopayeva, you can view it on instagram here). I'll be curious to see what vaults she chooses for the finals.

McGregor has a 5.5-5.6 D score on BB and FX. On beam, she opens with a front tuck mount and dismounts with a double back. Floor seems to be truly exciting where she opens with a full in pike and has a full in tuck for her 2nd pass. She also has a very pretty Y turn in the opening. I'll be curious to see where she lands at Commonwealth Games but also where her difficulty will go in the coming years.

Her teammates are Charlotte Sullivan, who made the BB EF at Pac Rims as a junior and will be looking for AA and EF appearances, Anna Temporo, who is recovering from a knee infection, MacKenzie Slee, and Brittany Robertson.

Watch Courtney on BB here and on FX here (her floor tumbling is pretty impressive!).

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CWG Athlete Profile: India McPeak

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Photo from India McPeak's twitter
Edited by me

India McPeak is an Irish gymnast that is slowly but surely making a name for herself on the gymternet but also on the international stage. I think I first became aware of her over a year ago thanks to Ireland based blogger Full Twist. Since then, McPeak has accomplished a few things including a standing full on beam and a full scholarship to the University of Michigan in the USA.

The event to watch her on during the Commonwealth Games will be beam. When she hits, she's capable of scoring around a 13.5. Along with her standing full, her other unique skill set on beam is a handstand step down to back handspring stepout to layout stepout. If you consider that you'll likely have 2 finalists from Canada, England, and Australia, that leaves two additional spots open in the beam finals. And it is balance beam we're talking about so anything can happen!

Ireland has only sent 4 gymnasts so I anticipate that India will be doing the all around and will hope to make the AA final. Her teammates include Sarah Beck, Nicole Mawhinney, and Clara Roberts.

You can watch India on uneven bars here (with a unique double twisting dismount) and on floor here.

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CWG Athlete Profile: Isabela Onyshko

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Photo Credit: Freezing Light
Edited by me

Continuing the series on CWG Athlete Profile's, we have Canada's Isabela (Bela) Onyshko. She's a first year senior that's helping to make things interesting in Canada. At 2014 Canadian Nationals, Onyshko won the silver medal in the all around and uneven bars but was named Canadian Champion on the balance beam. Even though she's a strong all arounder, she's most needed by the Canadian team on uneven bars - remember this when we get closer to World Championships.

Onyshko recently did an interview with Full Twist where she mentioned that her all around status at the Commonwealth Games is still unknown. She boasts a 5.6+ D score on uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. The most important event to watch her on would be uneven bars where she boasts a 6.1 difficulty score. She has had some issues with execution, most notable a late handstand pirouette skill and a leg separation on her pak salto. Otherwise, she has a nice swing on bars and a strong double front half out dismount. Expect her to make event finals, pending what other Canadians do as far as 2 per country, and potentially medal on the UB.

In order of likelihood, I'd expect Onyshko to compete uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. Onyshko has had a floor routine to Torn by Nathan Granier - the same music, albeit a different cut, as teammate Victoria Moors. I thought this might be an issue at Worlds but turns out it can be an issue much earlier. Their style of dance is completely different and it's interesting to see a different interpretation of the same song. You can watch it here.

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CWG Athlete Profile: Kirsten Beckett

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Original via African Gymnastics Championships/
Edit by me

A quick series to get you excited for the Commonwealth Games! A full list of competitors can be found here. Links for times, competiton order, coverage, etc. can be found here. MAG/WAG competition will start on Monday, July 28th.

Kirsten Beckett is a highly accomplished South African gymnast. She recently kept her crown of South African Champion and was also named Most Promising Athlete for the entire country at the Gauteng Sports Awards. Beckett has been building international experience appearing at the Doha World Cup and most recently appearing at Worlds.

The most important events to watch her would be the all around but especially on vault and floor where she can hope to medal. On vault, she has a full twisting Tsukahara (5.2D) and a one and a half twisting Yurchenko (5.3D) although she has been working the double twist (5.8D) for quite some time. It will be interesting to see what vaults she does, along with her competitors although clean execution will aid in her total score.

She unveiled a new floor exercise this year at the African Championships complete with a full twisting double back and double arabian (around 5.4D, 13.8 total on routine below). If she keeps with good execution, she should have a chance at a medal. It should be an interesting final with World Champion Lauren Mitchell, World finalist Ellie Black, and almost-finalist Victoria Moors vying for medals. But, alas, it's gymnastics so anything can happen!

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Spotlight on Thema Williams (TTO)

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Thema Williams is an international elite gymnast from the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. She made history by becoming the first female gymnast to represent her country at a World Championships when she attended the meet in Tokyo in 2011. Along the way, she was also the first person from Trinidad and Tobago to compete a Tkatchev on the uneven bars internationally. Her journey was most recently hindered by an elbow injury in 2013. She has since recovered and is now back on track for 2014. Williams will not compete at the Commonwealth Games since she did not attend the qualifier competition due to exams. She is currently training for 2 months at Geddert's Twistars in Michigan, USA and had some time to speak with Arabian Punch Front.

How did you first get started in gymnastics?
I first started gymnastics when I was six years old. The reason I started was because my sister used to do it and I would run around the house trying all the tricks. She would come home and try and teach me and we always make this joke that she was my first coach. One day, my mom get scared that I would hurt myself so one day she sent me to the gym and I just took off from there.

When did you first realize you were doing well in gymnastics?
I probably realized when I was a Level 7 around 8 years old. That was only a few years into my gymnastics and I realized at that point that I was special.

What is gymnastics like in Trinidad and Tobago?
I think competing in Trinidad and Tobago was challenging at the compulsory level. As I got older, to Level 10 and elite, there wasn't anybody [else] in Trinidad and Tobago at that level so it became very difficult and I felt as if I was limited. That was the reason why I felt I had to continue my gymnastics career abroad. They always say, "To become the best, you have to be amongst the best."

You were the first one to compete a Tkatchev for Trinidad and Tobago. Could you tell us what training and finally competing it was like?
The first time I actually got the skill was at the Karolyi's camp when I was nine years old. I was there for the their annual camp, in which they accommodate international athletes. And it felt great, after so many years of having the ability to do the skill, just being able to perfect it and finally compete it.

Could you tell us what Worlds was like in 2011 for you?
Worlds in 2011 was definitely an eye-opener for me. It was being around people that sacrificed time and so much for sport, solely for gymnastics. There was all this talent from all over the world coming together. It was also made me realize that I needed to work harder. I was not satisfied with my performance because I believe that I could have done a lot better.

Can you take us through 2012 and 2013?
2012 and 2013 were the slowest years for me. I don't think I went to many meets in those years. I didn't go to many international meets and so on. I tried to get really back on top of the game and get back out there again.

Could you tell us about the injury in 2013?
Right after I visited Michigan actually. I was at the Pan American [Senior Championships] in Puerto Rico and I was going for vault and dislocated my elbow. Somehow I managed to make it through and I healed well. And I'm very thankful. Now, I'm doing fine. There are minor things but nothing that stops me from doing what I have to do.

How did the relationship with Twistars develop?
I went to Twistars last year in August in preparation for the Pan American Qualifier. The thing I noticed that was different from other gyms was how quickly I saw improvement in myself. In my beam routines, I became a lot stronger and a lot more confident. From that point, I realized this was the gym I needed to go to. After a week and a half, I noted all these improvement in myself. I gave myself 24 hrs to think about the whole thing and I still wanted to do it. I told my mom, "I need to go to this gym to train. This is what I want." I'm willing to sacrifice 2 years of school to train for the Olympics at this gym. I need to be at this gym. And then it happened from there.

This time I'm here for 2 months and then I go back. In my group, I train with the Level 10 and elite girls. I stay with a host family whose daughter used to do gymnastics.

What is it like training with John Geddert, coach of Olympic and World Champion Jordyn Wieber? Who do you train with and between this year and last, did you ever get to see Jordyn train?
Training with John is great. He's so precise with everything, and I could tell he's obsessed with perfection. I enjoy that about him because I know he's spotting every little error which helps me to improve. Also, he's funny and overall a joy to work with. I did have the pleasure of seeing Jordyn train last year. She's phenomenal, and she goes hard. It wasn't difficult to recognize why she was world champion.

What new skills are you working on?
Right now, I'm just working on my vault - Yurchenko 1.5 and attempting doubles. Mostly, what I'm focusing on is perfecting my routines for the Pan American qualifier. On beam, I'll probably [add] layout layout eventually, switch ring...

Who were your role models growing up?
One of my role models was Nastia Liukin because she demonstrated such exquisite lines. She had the strength and the flexibility and that's something you don't get a lot.

What are your goals for 2014?
My goals for this year are definitely to qualify for Pan American Games. I just want to get a medal on some event or overall, to bring something home to my country.

Marisa Dick who trains in Canada and Khazia Hislop who trains at Brestyan's have recently joined the Trinidad and Tobago national team. How do you feel about having gymnasts change nationalities to compete for Trinidad and Tobago?
In a way it's invaluable. You know that these gymnasts, sometimes, compete for Trinidad and Tobago because they couldn't make their own team, they couldn't make the American team or they couldn't make the Canadian team. This is a touchy topic. I'm so grateful for them actually wanting to represent Trinidad and Tobago. It might not be their first choice but just being able to have a team I think is something. It's not a very well known sport so hopefully as a team, we can build, work together and do well to push gymnastics in Trinidad and Tobago.

Anything else you would like to share.
Keep working hard at whatever sport you do, whatever discipline you're in, just keep working hard. Even when it gets tough, you just have to fight it and keep pushing. No matter what, don't stop trying.

Thank you, Thema, for the interview and best of luck in the future!


2nd Youth Olympic Games

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Source: Mark Dadswell/Getty Images AsiaPac

The first Youth Olympic Games were held in Singapore and gave us a stage to see gymnasts like Viktoria Komova, Diana Bulimar, and Carlotta Ferlito while they were still juniors. For women, athletes must be born in 1999 to be eligible. Therefore, all the ladies that we will see compete will be eligible for World Championships in Glasgow 2015 and the Rio Olympics in 2016. The gymnastics competition will take place Aug 17-27, specifically with women's artistic on the 18th (Q), 20th (AA F), 23rd (VT/UB), and 24th (BB/FX).

I thought it would be nice to put it in order that the countries finished at Olympics/Test Event but it's too confusing. Here's a quick idea:

USA will not be sending anyone due to conflict with US National Championships.

Listed below are countries that have already named athletes and countries that competed in Singapore.
Update July 8: Updated list of countries that have qualified a female artistic gymnast
Update July 21: Full list of athletes provided by FIG. Additional male and competitors in other disciplines can be found here

ALGFatima Mokhtari
ARGAugustina Santamaria
AUTCeyda Sirbu
BELJelle Beullens
BLRNatallia Yakubava
BRARebeca Andrade
CANSydney Townsend
CAYMorgan Lloyd
COLLaura Pardo Garzon
CZEVeronika Cenkova
EGYNada Ayman Ibrahim
FRACamille Bahl
FINMonica Sileoni
GBREllie Downie
GERAntonia Alicke
GREEvangelia Monokrousou
GUAKatherine Godinez Reyes
HUNBoglarka Devai
IRQFatimah Saadi Al-Tameemi
ITAIosra Abdelaziz
JPNSae Miyakawa
KAZArailym Khanseiitova
KORHana Park
MEXStephanie Hernandez
NEDWendy de Jong
NORMartine Rustøen Skregelid
NZLMillie Williamson
PERAna Mendez Reyes
PHIAva Verdeflor
POLWiktoria Lopuszanska
PORSara Raposeiro
PURPaola Moreira Irizarry
QATRahma Al-Dualimi
RUSSeda Tutkhalyan
ROULaura Jurca
RSAMammule Rankoe
SINNadine Joy Nathan
SUIGaia Nesurini
TUNRahma Mastouri
TURTutya Yilmaz
UZBVeronika Orlova


Roxana Popa: Spanish Champion and Hero of the Future

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1st Roxana Popa 2nd Maria Paula Vargas 3rd Cintia Rodriguez

Roxana Popa is a Spanish gymnast that has been making a name for herself internationally since turning senior in 2013. She was a star on the junior scene but began entering the conversation for contenders when she made the floor finals at the 2013 European Championships. Since then, she's been unstoppable appearing at numerous World Cups and continuing to make finals at the European Championships this year. Just recently, Popa became, again, the Spanish Champion.

Roxana's new floor with upgraded 3rd pass - 2.5 twist punch front full

A short documentary (8 mins) on Roxana Popa was just released and provided an insight into Roxana's life that I had not seen before. Here's a mini translation/outline of what goes on in the documentary. Watch here or below.

Roxana was born in Romania in 1997 and started gymnastics at a young age. Her dad recalls that at just 4 years old, she would climb the rope with ease - something the older girls couldn't do. Then, when Roxana was 6 years old, the family moved to Madrid so the children could have a better life.

Lucia Guisado is Roxana's coach and says how the coaches in Romania recognized her talent. They sent a letter to Jesús Carballo (the former head coach of the women's team) encouraging the federation to let her join the national team. He and Lucía Guisado noticed her potential right away.

In 2008, when Roxana was 11, she won the Spanish National Championship but did not receive a trophy because her citizenship had not been finalized. Then, when Roxi's citizenship was finalized and she was ready to compete for Spain, injury struck.

In May 2010, Roxana seriously injured her elbow while doing a transition on the uneven bars. Her first surgery was pretty serious, and she wasn't able to do much of anything with her arm in her daily life (let alone the gym) because of the pain. She got another surgery six months later. The doctors and coaches pretty much figured she was done with gymnastics since she couldn't do anything with her arm. "I could not feel my arm, I couldn't close my hand, I couldn't lift it up, it was as if it wasn't my ... How could I go back to do the parallel bars?" She had a pretty intensive rehab, which restored her physical ability, but the emotional damage was hard to overcome. She freaked out the first time she got back on the bars.

With immense strength and willpower, Roxana was able to overcome this obstacle. In 2013, she finished 6th in the all around final and 7th in the floor exercise final at Europeans. At the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, she finished 12th in the all around final and was ecstatic with the result.

The ending most of us can understand. Roxana has clear goals for the future. "Rio. And Tokyo. And to medal."

Thanks to Nico, Tsukahara Tucked, and Ginnastica Artistica Italiana for help with the translation.

Results from Spanish Nationals


Gymnastics Injuries June/July 2014

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Ana Lago (MEX) recently returned to competition after tearing her ACL last year.
Photo from Ana Lago on twitter

Fortunately, this list hasn't grown much since the last posting. The end point on this list is return to competition but many of the gymnasts have "returned" in some capacity. Biles has attended the last 2 training camps. It sounds like both McKayla Maroney (USA) and Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) have returned to the gym from their respective training restrictions. Dutch gymnast Chantysha Netteb has also returned and German junior Kim Janas has recently posted video of her comeback as well! Also exciting is that Tyesha Mattis and Gabrielle Jupp have returned to Team GB training camps! Ana Lago has returned to competition since her ACL surgery on the uneven bars and continues to work hard on upgrades.

Name (Country)InjuryReturn to Competition
2014 Injuries
Elisa Cherino GERFractured cervical vertebrae (Mar)
Loan His FRA jr??? (Jun)
Rebecca Tunney GBR??? surgery (May)
Anne Kuhm FRACollarbone (Jan)
Simone Biles USAShoulder (Feb)
Louise Vanhille FRAElbow (Mar)
Kyla Ross USABack (Jan)Mar 2014
McKayla Maroney USAKnee ??? (Feb)
Tyesha Mattis GBR jr??? (Mar)
Giulia Steingruber SUIKnee bone bruise (Mar)May 2014
Vanasia Bradley USA jrTorn ACL & meniscus, broken patella (Jun)
Anastasia Grishina RUSTorn meniscus & broken patella (Apr)
Laurie Hernandez USA jrFractured wrist (Jan)
Torn patella tendon & dislocated kneecap + surgery (Jun)

Carlotta Ferlito ITACalf strain + medical issue (Mar)
Ksenia Afanasyeva RUSAnkle surgery (Apr)
Viktoria Komova RUSAnkle surgery (Apr)
Maria Bondareva RUSswollen ligaments in ankle (Apr)
Sophie Scheder GERsprained ankle + 2 torn ligaments (Mar)May 2014
Evgenia Zhukova RUStorn Achilles (Apr)

Name (Country)InjuryReturn to Competition
End of 2013
Kim Janas GER jrACL; surgery
Chantysha Netteb NEDACL
Lisa Ecker AUTR PCL and meniscus
Jessica Lopez VENankleFeb 2014
Cintia Rodriguez ESPankle; surgeryFeb 2014
Maria Paseka - RUSBack painApr 2014
Eythora Thorsdottir - NED jrBack
pre-Worlds Injuries
Gabriella Douglas - CANshoulder surgeryMay 2014
Katelyn Ohashi - USAShoulder surgery Back
Sabrina Vega USAShoulder surgery
Giorgia Campana - ITAElbowFeb 2014
Julie Croket - BELElbow
Sarah Finnegan - USAElbow surgery
Lou Nina - CHNElbow
Diana Bulimar - ROMKnee injuryMar 2014
Youna Dufournet - FRAknee surgeryMar 2014
Elisabetta Preziosa - ITAKneeFeb 2014
Adriana Crisci - ITATorn ACL after DTYFeb 2014
Nadine Jarosch - GERTorn ACL at German Champs; surgery
Gabby Jupp - GBRTorn ACL at Europeans; surgery
Ana Lago - MEXTorn ACL; surgeryMay 2014
Erika Fasana - ITATibiaFeb 2014
Marine Brevet - FRATorn Achilles tendon; surgeryMar 2014
Wyomi Masela - NEDTorn achilles tendon; surgeryJun 2014
Luo Peiru - CHNAchilles & fractured kneecap
Lexie Priessman - USAAchilles tendon strain at P&Gs
Ksenia Afanasyeva - RUSAnkle surgeryApr 2014
Madison Kocian - USAAnkle sprain at P&GsFeb 2014
Céline van Gerner - NEDAnkle surgery
Anastasia Grishina - RUSBack pain/pinched nerveApr 2014
Enus Mariani jr - ITABack injury (May)
Adrian Gomes - BRA
Koko Tsurumi - JPN
Jade Barbosa - BRALigament ruptureMar 2014
Returned to Competition
Tatiana Nabieva - RUSconcussion
Maria Livchikova - UKRACL (both her ACLs have been torn. Now we pray!)
Lisa Top - NEDdislocated elbow
Elizabeth Price - USAHip injuries (both sides)
Janine Berger - GERnot enough prep time after her knee injury at World Cup
Lisa Hill - GERinjured at German team training visit to Brestyan's
Evgeniya Shelgunova - RUS
Anne Kuhm - FRAElbow - cracked radial head and cartilage

I decided not to include MAG because I don't follow closely enough to stay on top of each injury. If you want to help out, let me know!

As always, please share any other updates as well! If you know what happened to Tyesha Mattis or Loan His or the name of the gymnast that got injured at Euros, let me know!