This Week in Training: No Rest for the Weary

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My last post was before the holidays and I thought we wouldn't see much immediately after and boy was I wrong!! These aren't in any particular order...

Asuka Teramoto is working double doubles - both on floor and as an uneven bars dismount!
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Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is working a double twisting Yurchenko! It's onto a mat in the pit at the moment but it's a work in progress (as are all of these upgrades).

Noel van Klaveren is working a bhs-tuck full on beam and it looks really solid!

Jazmyn Foberg is showing a FTDLO onto a soft surface.

Ana Filipa Martins of Portugal is working a Bhardwaj! Martins won Portugal's first WAG medal at the Anadia World Cup in Portugal on floor exercise. At Worlds, she was Purtuga's first ever women's gymnast to make the all around event final. Things are looking exciting for her and her country! If you go through her IG, she's also working a toe-on shaposh in the very early stages (IG: filipa_gym)
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Laney Madsen is the 14 year old from Gym-Max who made the change from cheerleading within the last 2 years and is already competing Level 10. She still has some things to clean up but she's an exciting little gymnast to watch! Madsen was just recently at the National Team Camp at the Ranch with her teammates Kyla Ross and Felicia Hano. I'm not sure if we'll get video on her but here's a video she made of some of her routines and upgrades she's working on.

Deanne Soza made a name for herself during her performance at 2014 US Secret Classic. Unfortunately, after P&G Championships, she contracted an eye infection that nearly left her blind. She has since recovered/is recovering and is back to doing her beautiful gymnastics! Here is a bit of her story along with some upgrades. She was also at the recent camp so maybe we'll see some videos from her as well.

Erika Fasana cntinues to work her full twisting double layout. She'll be competing at the American Cup so maybe we'll see it in competition if it's ready!

Morgan Hurd and her gym (IG: fsgym) post quite a few updates! Check out this one of her impeccable form on bars with in bar stalder combinations to a Tkatchev.

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Next time this is posted, it might be with some camp videos!


Team GB Appreciation: Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham

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Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham celebrate as they realize they will receive a team Olympic medal
Photo Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Europe

Arguably the biggest star of British Gymnastics this year was 2014 World Championship All Around Silver Medalist Max Whitlock. Whitlock was a member of the history making GB Olympic team that won bronze, the first team medal for the men since 1912. He further made history when he joined teammate Louis Smith on the podium for pommel horse where he earned the bronze medal. At the 2013 World Championships, he placed 4th in the all around. Success continued in 2014 at the Commonwealth Games where Whitlock brought home 5 medals, 3 of them gold. At the 2014 World Championships, errors led him to 14th place in the all-around in qualifications, behind 2 British teammates. Due to an injury, Niles Wilson withdrew from the all around qualification allowing Whitlock to compete. And he did just that. Whitlock earned the silver medal to gymnastics great Kohei Uchimara with the closest margin to Uchimura since his World and Olympic reign began.

Whitlock gives thanks to his fans in the video below - a recap of the whirlwind that was Max Whitlock's 2014.

Sam Oldham was also a member of Team GB's historic 2012 Olympic Team. At the 2014 European Championships, Oldham helped Team GB to a silver medal in the team competition. Individually, he earned the silver medal on high bar. Things were looking up for Oldham as he headed to the Commonwealth Games with Whitlock and other GB teammates. Unfortunately, he had a severe ankle injury that kept him out of that competition and took him out of contention for the World Championship team. Oldham has been persistent with his rehab and is now back working the leg events - vault and floor. His rings have improved drastically and he contnues to show upgrades on his instagram.

Oldham made a video to say thank you to his fans and coaches. There are quite a few upgrades in there including a triple tuck on floor and as a dismount off rings and high bar (one of them even seems to be a full in).

Follow Max Whitlock: @maxwhitlock1|| IG: maxwhitlock
Follow Sam Oldham: @Oldham93 || IG: oldham93


The Gym-Max Family

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Kyla Ross and Felicia Hano
edit by vmkedits

I had the opportunity to visit Gym-Max Gymnastics in California. The gym, owned by Howie Liang and 2014 US World Team Coach Jenny Zhang, is the home of Kyla Ross - 2012 Olympic and 2014 World Team Champion and 2014 World All Around Bronze Medalist. The Gym-Max family continues to grow as National Team member Felicia Hano and cheerleader turned artistic gymnast Laney Madsen joined the top group.

Gym-Max is an amazing enterprise and the gym was full of students ranging from the littlest level 3s to the elite girls, all practicing at the same time, all getting to experience world class coaching. The attention to detail was intense even for the youngest girls - there were pointed toes everywhere and Howie came by to correct the positioning of the younger girls as they lined up for their assignments. 
The camaraderie was easily evident amongst the level 10/elite training group and the "friendly competition" was also a clear motivator. Both Kyla and Felicia were very supportive of each other throughout all of practice.

When I got there, the girls had already started practice and completed floor and were working their way through their beam workout. From what I saw, their elite routines at the moment look about the same with Kyla's routine being slightly adjusted to protect her back. The two girls were very calm and worked very diligently. Laney was also in this group and was a fearless little firecracker. She worked her back handspring - tuck full and if she fell, she jumped right back on the beam quickly and tried again. The girls worked dismounts too and I noticed what incredible height Kyla gets on her double tuck. [Also, even from where I was, Kyla's switch ring is amazing.]

Felicia and Kyla then went to the rod floor with a pit at the end. Kyla worked some upgraded and new dance elements. They still seem pretty new as the rotation wasn't complete or she fell out of them early but I'm sure she'll master them in time. Felicia was working 2.5s and triple twists onto a mat. The 2.5s looked really good so I wouldn't be surprised to see that or the triple in her routine. The high beams, bars, and vaults were on the far end of the gym. Felicia and Kyla came over to where I was to work on the low beams to work front tuck half. This was definitely where the friendly competition came into play. You could tell, "Congratulations, you stood yours up! I better get mine too!" Each turn, the girls were pushing themselves to do better than the previous attempt.

Then the girls went to bars (again on the far side of the gym) with Howie. I haven't seen Felicia compete bars since 2013 so I was very curious to see what she had been working on. Turns out to be very interesting! She's working a Ray (toe-on straddled Tkatchev) to Pak and the connection was very solid. She lost some form on the Pak so kept reworking those. Kyla's continuing to work her toe-on skills as the in bar stalders are hard on her back. I saw a lot of the skills we know but she's clearly reworking the routine. For example, the toe 1/1 was on the low bar connected to Maloney to pak. The van Leeuwen followed but is not yet connected. She's hoping to incorporate a new skill this year - a full twisting Pak salto! That wasn't in the routine yet as Kyla and Howie are working really hard to get the technique right so it won't hurt her back. It looks amazing though!

Jenny had a moment to sit down with me as her group had a quick water break and warm up session. Jenny is such a sweet and lovely (and hilarious) woman! She mentioned how proud she was of Kyla to be able to keep her focus during the 2014 World Championship all around final and not compare herself to the other athletes. It was that focus and determination that put her on the podium. We spoke about Felicia who is such a positive force in the gym and how she's come back from injury to become such a strong all around gymnast.

I didn't get to interview Laney because Laney's still very young and new to the sport. She's a 2001 baby (turning 14 this year) who only recently made the switch from cheerleading to artistic gymnastics. She has such a passion for the sport and did have some basics from cheerleading but a lot of the little things had to be fixed - proper hurdle technique, learning how to walk on the beam, etc. On bars, she had to start from scratch with the level 3s. Only time will tell how Laney will do in the future but she's clearly very excited about the sport.  

Lastly, the girls went to vault to finish up practice. I was amazed at how quickly they worked up to solid double twisting Yurchenkos. Both girls have stuck their vaults in competition and it's apparent how proficient they are.

Photo Credit: Christy Ann Linder

... on 2014
I think 2014 went pretty well. I know that the beginning of the year was pretty hard because I was coming back from a back injury but I pushed through that and I was happy to be able to compete at the Jesolo meet and do well. Coming into P&G Championships, I know that I didn't have that high of a start value but I just wanted to come out and do my best. I know that the first day went pretty rough in that competition but I was glad that I came back strong and finished well. Going into Worlds camp, I'd been training really good so I felt confident going into that. Then, unfortunately a little bit right before we headed out to China, I hurt my hamstring and that was something I really had to push through throughout the whole training coming up to World Championships. We had really good trainers that were helping me throughout the way so I was able to compete all 4 events in team which is a pretty big deal and a lot of pressure but I was able to handle it and I think that went well. I was really happy to come up with the bronze in the all around. I know I really wasn't expecting much because I had lower start values than the year before but I just persevered through the whole meet and came up with that so I was really happy. Coming back from Worlds, I've been training a little bit of new skills and just trying to clean up and get stronger on all the events.

... on injuries
I'm doing pretty good. I know right after Worlds, my back was a little bit stiff since I was working some new skills on bars and it's a lot better. I've been able to keep working and just trying to improve all my start values. My hip got a lot better right when I rested it a few weeks after Worlds. That healed up really quick.

... on her proudest moment
Of course I'm going to say the Olympics because that was a huge deal and something I really worked for all my life. That feels like forever ago so definitely winning team at Worlds last year was a pretty big deal because that was only the second team since London. That was my first World team so that was a really special moment too. Especially to be out there with a lot of the new girls - it was their first time - and seeing their reaction and how proud they were. That was a really special moment.

... comparing Worlds 2013 and 2014
I think Worlds 2013, that one went pretty good because my start values were a little bit higher so I knew that I was a little bit more of a contender for the medals. They both went pretty well and I was able to come back pretty strong. Last year, on beam finals I was a little disappointed. Hopefully I can work on that and give that a shot next year.

... on going into the Worlds 2014 AA EF in 5th
Yeah, I did think about it. I knew that I didn't have a strong chance for being part of the medal count but I knew that I just had to focus on myself and just really do my best and I was able to just hit all of my routines as best as I can. I know I really didn't focus on anyone else because that's really what can distract you from your goals.

... on goals for 2015
I think one of my biggest goals is really to improve my start value on bars. I've been working a lot on that. That's really one of my strongest events so I want to try and push that as hard as I can. I know i've been working to get my whip double arabian to back on floor so that's something I've been really anxious about. Vault I'm pretty much gonna keep my double but I know... maybe I'll do 2.5 in the future [laughs] but not really right now. Beam I'm working front tuck 1/2 but it's kinda far away. That's pretty much what I've been working towards this year. I haven't been working it recently but hopefully if I can get my double full stronger maybe I'll train it in the future. Oh I haven't worked [side aerial - layout stepout on beam] in a while. Consistency wise, it was really risky and Martha wants me to really help the team so she didn't really like that series.

... on college
This year has been a lot of pressure because everyone's like "Oh my gosh, she still hasn't committed anywhere" and it's been on my mind a lot especially after Worlds. I went on a college visit to UCLA and then a college visit to Stanford. Those are really my top 2 picks. After seeing both ... I think I'm more leaning towards Stanford. I love the campus there and I love the team and the coaches. But I mean I also love Miss Val cuz I've known her forever but I don't fit in as much there. But I didn't apply this year so that's why nothing's official. I'm deferring next year for 2016 but I'm also not applying til next November. Hopefully, I'll get in next year [laughs].

... on 2016
That really has been what I've been working for all these years after 2012 and I'm really going to push myself that year, especially being able to not have any more school. To be able to be done with that, I'm really going to put 110% into my gymnastics and gear up for the 2016 season.

... on team dynamics now with Felicia and Laney
Yeah! [laughs and her face lights up with a smile] It's been a lot of fun being able to go to camp and have Laney and Felicia there with me and it's also helped here in the gym push me more and sort of take me even farther. So I think that's really good to have a little bit of competitiveness at home so everyday you're just pushing your best. So that's been fun. Also, to be able to sort of lead them and show them how elite senior really is and help them is really fun too.

... how would you describe yourself
I think I'd describe myself as really ... I'm really a perfectionist and also very determined. I know I'm not very showy and stuff but I like to ... I more express myself through my gymnastics.

... favorite event
Bars. I do like doing floor. I can't wait! I'm getting a new floor routine in a few months. Dominic [Zito] is searching for music and I'm so anxious. He told me he found music but he still hasn't shown me yet so I'm so anxious [laughs].

... to her fans
Thank you for always supporting me!

Photo Credit: Christy Ann Linder

... on starting gymnastics
I saw it one day on TV and I told my mom that's what I wanted to do and she enrolled me in some classes.

... on picking between trampoline and artistic [Felicia Hano trained both trampoline and artistic gymnastics for some time]
I stopped TnT in 2009 after World Age Groups and then I've focused on artistic only after that. I really like trampoline and tumbling but I knew there's only so far you can go and you couldn't get a college scholarship. That's really what I wanted and artistic could give me that. I definitely miss seeing everybody cuz I've known them since I was really little and I also miss tumbling because I really liked tumbling a lot. That's what I probably miss the most.

... on switching to Gym Max
I knew that Howie and Jenny could take me where I wanted to go in elite and that they could help me reach my goal of making the National Team.

... on her favorite thing about Gym Max
Definitely the atmosphere. Everything is so upbeat and so light. I work better in that environment where the energy is so high.

... on 2014
I would deem 2014 as a great year. I mean, it was probably my most successful year in gymnastics, making the National Team and then making the Pan Am Championship team. That was just really amazing. [laughs]

... on Pan Ams 2014
It was up to the last second, like we didn't know who was going to be alternate but I'm kind of glad that I was alternate just so I could see how an international competition goes. It was a really great experience and I had a lot of fun.

... on her proudest moment
Definitely making the National Team. I've always wanted to make National Team so it was really great.

... on 2013 UB [During Day 2 of 2013 Nationals, Felicia fell off the UB on a toe on skill and had a concussion. In 2014, she competed UB at the American Classic at the Ranch but not at Secret Classic or P&G Championships]
Yeah, was not expecting that. Right before, about a week before Nationals in 2013, I was doing a front tuck on beam and I landed [wrong] and I had to get stitches. So I competed at nationals with stitches in my foot and I had my foot heavily taped and I just wasn't used to it on bars and they just slipped. I was a little bit cautious going back into the gym but I knew I had to get over that to push forward and hopefully do bars soon. My bars have definitely improved.

... on a 2nd vault [Felicia was working a Kasamatsu]
I'm still training them but right now my main focus is trying to get 2.5 consistent but it's definitely in the works.

... on picking UCLA Bruins for college
I just really loved UCLA and I love Miss Val and the team and the location is pretty nice too. So that was definitely a big factor but I just love everything about it. It feels like home, a second home.

... on her favorite event
My favorite event is vault. Floor is definitely the closest to vault for favorite, they're up there, since it's more similar to tumbling.

... on her goals for 2015 and the future
My goals for this year would be to make National Team again and get more international assignments and more experience. Rio is definitely at the back of my mind. If it happens, that'd be great and if it doesn't, I'm just really grateful for this whole experience as an elite gymnast.

... to her fans
After Nationals, I was so overwhelmed with all the support and I just feel so grateful for everything.

... upgrades for 2015
I was working whip double layout on floor but I've been upgrading a lot. My floor, I have some new things, 3 new passes that I've never competed before. Beam is probably the same, maybe one or two upgrades. Bars, just competing bars is an upgrade! [laughs] Maybe not within the next 2 or 3 months [on competing the Amanar] but hopefully by Championships.

Thank you so much Kyla, Felicia, Denise, Lenny, and Jenny! I had an amazing time at Gym Max and wish all the athletes the best of luck in the future!


Adult Gymnastics: Dare to Dream

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One of my hopes for the blog in the new year is to bring my adult gymnastics experiences to you.I don't know where I'll be after graduation and there's a very real possibility that I won't have the time to attend or won't have a class nearby. So, I made a goal of having a floor exercise by the end of the school year. Operation back handspring has gone on for far too long! We'll see what happens.

Great Britain has done an excellent job of advertising gymnastics to all ages and all disciplines. You can find very inspiring videos on their Discover Gymnastics page. Here is the video that was made for adult gymnastics.

Bonus video with Tumble winner Bobby Lockwood

Gymnastics Victoria, one of the Australian gyms, shared this video of their adult gymnastics class.

Wesley Lions Adult Gymnastics from Gabriel CHER on Vimeo.

As someone who started after my teenage years, I can tell you gymnastics is indeed for everyone! The people in my class range from high school kids who want to learn a back flip to parents in their 40s and 50s who want to see what their child is experiencing. Our experience range is all over the place too from people who are learning cartwheels to people relearning double backs. It's fun and you should try it too :)


Simone Biles Ready for 2015

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The latest update with Simone Biles shows some exciting upgrades. The most surprising one is the "Mustafina" uneven bar dismount or a 1.5 twisting double tuck dismount. Biles also shows a new wolf jump - front tuck combo on beam along with a front tuck half on the low beam. The piked Tkatchev-Pak has returned and she hopes to compete the Cheng this season.

Her floor exercise currently consists of a double double tuck/Silivas (H), double layout half out/Biles (G), double layout (F), and full twisting double tuck (E). Assuming her dance stays the same at D, D, D, B that totals - 1.4. Her tumbling currently totals to 2.6 with the additional 2.5 for composition requirement gets her current D score of 6.5. I used this video for her D score (x).

Biles' possible new floor passes include a Moors/double double layout (I) and a Chusovitina/double layout full out (H). If she truly maximizes her D score, she would keep the Silivas and Biles and replace the DLO and full in with the Moors and Chusovitina. The order could possibly be Moors (I), Chusovitina (H), Biles (G), and Silivas (H). Although I can't reasonably come up with an order when all your passes are G-level or higher. That totals her tumbling to 3.2, same dance at 1.4 and composition requirement of 2.5 for a total of 7.1. Can I not do math because this is insane?


Nansy Damianova: I Would Do It All Over Again

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Nansy Damianova in one of her favorite Utah leotards
Photo Credit: Gym Shark Photo

Canadian gymnast Nansy Damianova just finished her four year gymnastics experience at the University of Utah. Born in France to Bulgarian parents, Damianova moved to Montreal, Canada at just 4 months old. Both of her parents were on the Bulgarian National Team for different sports - her mother in rowing and her father in taekwondo. They decided to enroll their daughter in gymnastics, hoping to find a safer option for the toddler who loved jumping on their bed.

Damianova's earliest memories of wanting to pursue elite gymnastics and possibly compete at the Olympics started after watching the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. "There were 2 girls from my club Gymnix, Julie Beaulieu and Emilie Fournier, that competed there and I was able to watch them on TV. [I] remember watching Khorkina." Damianova recalls another teammate, Amelie Plante, that competed in Athens 2004. "I just remember from that moment watching them and I really wanted to be like them and go to the Olympics and be on TV one day and that [lit] the fire. I didn’t know I had the potential but that moment definitely made me want to strive towards that. I guess once I made it to the National Team and I realized I'm getting slowly better, I think I can have the chance to eventually have my dream come true."

In 2007, Damianova helped Team Canada to a 14th place finish at the World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. She contributed on both vault and floor exercise. Her dream did come true as Damianova was selected to represent Canada at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. "That year was just a crazy year. We had so many competitions. We traveled a lot just to qualify for the Olympics." And qualify to the Olympics, she did. Damianova competed in the all around in qualifications where she finished 38th and was 4th reserve to the all-around final.

"My coaches back home, they had a few Olympians go from our club to the Olympics. They just told me you have 4 minutes out there once you compete. No matter what happens, just enjoy every moment there because you've worked your whole life for 4 minutes pretty much. Definitely competing on floor, being there with my leotard having the Olympic rings on one side and the Canadian flag on the other one. The moment I really realized I was at the Olympics was the Closing Ceremony because I've watched it so many times on TV. Just being in the middle of the crowd, that was really breathtaking. I just remember everything like it was almost yesterday."

Damianova continued to compete elite in 2009 but things did not go as planned. "It’s just that after the Olympics, just going there was my biggest goal and suddenly when I came back home, I didn't have another goal and the Olympics were in another four years. It was such a fun event. So much hype. So much energy that when I went back to my old gym I didn't feel the same. I missed that energy. It was hard to train. I gained weight a little too after the Olympics so that changed all my movement, my technique. I realized that I didn't have energy to train as much. Things weren't really going as I was hoping. I was hoping to, right after 2009, go for World Cups and continue on with the National competitions but I got injured a little bit, my shoulder. It was time for me to try something new."

Different collegiate coaches had been in contact with Damianova's coach but her focus had always been on her elite career and making it to the Olympics. It wasn't until her post-Olympic experience that Damianova decided to look into NCAA gymnastics. "I wasn't ready to quit gymnastics because I loved it so much. I thought I needed something new so I contacted Utah in 2010, at the beginning of the year, asking them if they still had a spot available for me for that year and they said yes. I went to visit. I knew Gael Mackie so I was able to get a lot of reference from her just telling me how things are going there, [about] her experience. So, when I came to visit [Utah] I felt good about it. I saw myself training with the team. I liked the coaches. I liked the environment. So I didn't even bother looking at other schools after that because I just thought it was a good feel for me."

Nansy Damianova after receiving her Perfect 10 (in her other favorite Utah leo)

Nansy Damianova went on to have a successful NCAA career. During her freshman season, she scored season highs of 9.9 on vault and floor and was also the Regional Champion on those two events. As a sophomore, she scored a season high 9.925 on floor and was the Pac-12 runner up on floor exercise. In her junior year, Damianova scored a season high of 9.925 on not only floor exercise but also the uneven bars. She also qualified to the NCAA event finals for bars and floor where she placed 9th and 8th respectively. As a senior, Damianova had an excellent season. She helped her team to win their first Pac-12 Championship and was the Pac-12 floor champion. One of the biggest highlights of Damianova's final year competing as a Ute was her perfect 10 on floor exercise. You can watch clips of that routine and meet here.

"Greg [Marsden] kept telling us our senior night is not going to be perfect, it’s not going to be a fairy tale and that was true because vault went fine and then bars I made a mistake. Greg just reminded me to have fun on floor because he knows that whenever I try too hard, I end up not doing as well as I could. He came and talked to me before and at that point, in my head, I was like 'Well, it’s my last time at home. My family’s here. My coaches from home came to visit. So just have fun.' I ended up being in the right mindset… I ended the way I really wanted to end. I had tears at the end because it was the last time and I was just really happy that the team won and that I finally got a 10 which was something I've always wanted in my career."

Throughout both her elite and collegiate career, Damianova has often been praised for her artistry and presence. She mentions her ballet training as a major source of her elegance. "When I was much younger, my mom involved me in ballet for 2 or 3 years. She just knew that it was a good thing because she knew European gymnasts back home did a lot of ballet and had good posture, and being more elegant when you dance. I think all of it helps [a gymnast] become more graceful... The lady that choreographed my routines for the Olympics taught me how to interact with the crowd and look at the judges and not just dance and look at the floor. She works for Cirque du Soleil but she was also a coach in my club before. She definitely taught me how to move differently."

Currently, Damianova is at Utah doing an internship with the marketing department which she enjoys as it keeps her actively involved in sports. "Whatever marketing promotions we have for sports, I’m helping out with that – for example, choosing pictures for our gymnastics posters. I’m finishing up school and I’ll be graduating in May and I’ll have to figure out what I do afterwards but, for now, I go to gym pretty much every week. I go jump on the trampoline and things like that. I try to keep my gymnastics shape to an extent because I’m considering trying out for Cirque du Soleil either next year or the following year after."

Since Damianova has been around the gym, she's had some time to see the new freshman and how they fit into the 2014-2015 Utah team. "I met the new freshman and I think they look classic, they look amazing. They're all healthy and that’s really fun to have. I think that they're going to replace the 4 seniors that left really well. I think they have as good of a chance as we’ve had to win another Pac 12 and be very competitive."

When asked what she'll remember most of her career at Utah, Damianova mentions four things: winning Pac-12s, building bonds with her teammates for the last 4 years, performing at home in the Hunstman arena, and her Perfect 10 on floor. "I had a great experience at The U and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I've made. Just coming there, I was a little worried because, you know, I was never away from home for more than a couple of weeks but the fans are so so nice and appreciative of us that it really made me feel like I was at home when I was here. That really helped a lot. I definitely thank all of our fans because most of the memories that I have are because of them too."

"The coaches – just having to deal with me [laughs] because I was pretty hard headed towards the beginning, so just being really patient with me. And I have a really great relationship with them right now. So I’m just happy about the whole experience and really thank them for making me a part of it and giving me a scholarship. It’s definitely something, if I could relive it again, I would. Before leaving for summer back home, I had that dream where NCAA rules changed and you had a fifth year and I told Greg [laughs] and he was just laughing because he knows that I love it, I had a great time. If I could go back, I would do it all over again because it was so much fun."

Thank you, Nansy, so much for the interview and we wish you the best of luck in the future!