Simone Biles Ready for 2015

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The latest update with Simone Biles shows some exciting upgrades. The most surprising one is the "Mustafina" uneven bar dismount or a 1.5 twisting double tuck dismount. Biles also shows a new wolf jump - front tuck combo on beam along with a front tuck half on the low beam. The piked Tkatchev-Pak has returned and she hopes to compete the Cheng this season.

Her floor exercise currently consists of a double double tuck/Silivas (H), double layout half out/Biles (G), double layout (F), and full twisting double tuck (E). Assuming her dance stays the same at D, D, D, B that totals - 1.4. Her tumbling currently totals to 2.6 with the additional 2.5 for composition requirement gets her current D score of 6.5. I used this video for her D score (x).

Biles' possible new floor passes include a Moors/double double layout (I) and a Chusovitina/double layout full out (H). If she truly maximizes her D score, she would keep the Silivas and Biles and replace the DLO and full in with the Moors and Chusovitina. The order could possibly be Moors (I), Chusovitina (H), Biles (G), and Silivas (H). Although I can't reasonably come up with an order when all your passes are G-level or higher. That totals her tumbling to 3.2, same dance at 1.4 and composition requirement of 2.5 for a total of 7.1. Can I not do math because this is insane?