Tiger Showdown

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I keep telling myself I want to be a sort of LSU hub and then grow into more of an NCAA hub. To do that, though, I need to post. It's gotten to the point where blogger wasn't even in my URL predictions.  Yikes! I've been busy with my last year of residency and looking for jobs but with a fellowship coming up and a big smile on my face, here I am!

The LSU Tigers have finished Week 6 of the NCAA season in 4th place, first of the SEC teams. They had a win against conference rivals Missouri Tigers in a meet that revealed a few areas that still need a little more work.

The LSU Tigers started the meet on bars. Freshman Sami Durante has been a great asset to the lineup. It has certainly been nice to have a bar worker with an easy swing leading off the lineup (probably with hopes of moving back in later years unless she goes the route of beam Erin Macadaeg). Ashlyn Kirby seemed to be having a great routine but unfortunately had a fall. Kennedi Edney was able to pick up after with a sky high release move. Lexie Priessman was also in the lineup. She had some of her usual form issues on her Tkatchev to Pak but had a nice double layout dismount with a small hop.

On vault, Sarah Edwards had an excellent 1.5 twisting Yurchenko. Cannamela had a great full twisting Yurchenko that just seemed to fall right in the perfect spot. The remaining vaults didn't have the usual landings that we've come to expect from LSU.

Floor, as per usual, has been great for LSU. These routines have grown in their performance quality throughout the season and the lineup truly builds in terms of difficulty and choreography, making for exclamation point routines from the last few athletes. Kirby's routine has grown on me each time she performs along with enjoyable choreography just before her last pass. The highlight was Hambrick. She was in place on her 2.5 punch front but made it through with a superb routine to earn a 9.975.

The final score was LSU 197.150 to Missouri's 196.375. Edney and Hambrick won vault with 9.95s with Priessman and Hambrick scoring 9.875s to win vault. Lead off Macadaeg and anchor Finnegan tied with 9.9 to win beam (with an honorable mention to Missouri's Britney Ward who was 3rd with a 9.85). Hambrick and Finnegan won floor with stellar 9.975. Finally, Hambrick won the AA with a 39.625. Though it was a good score with plenty of things to celebrate from the meet, there were a lot of reminders. Beam has been the downfall of LSU in the past and seems to be their nemesis again. The pieces are there - an excellent and steady lead off in Macadeag, stable veterans in Finnegan and Hambrick, strong newcomers in Desiderio and Campbell. Unfortunately, it is easy for "the wheels to come off the wagon," quoting coach D-D Breaux. This meet will serve as as reminder that LSU can indeed be #LSUnstoppable provided they don't let beam get the best of them.