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Arabian Punch Front was started on February 28, 2012. I became very active on International Gymnast Forum around the time of the 2011 World Championships. I really enjoyed the conversations that I was able to have and decided that starting a blog would be the best way for me to continue to engage in conversation.

This site is here to provide news and opinion pieces on the world of gymnastics. My goal for this site is to be a respected news source with well rounded information whether it's from gymnasts, coaches, video editors, photographers, or choreographers. Along with providing news, I hope to have many opinion pieces that engage the viewer. A long term goal is to receive media accreditation at a major event.

I'm a 2nd year graduate student in the USA. I was a competitive swimmer through college but never did gymnastics as a child. After the 2008 Olympics, I went on a hunt for adult gymnastics class and finally found one at my school. In 2010, I waited for the college varsity swim season to end and started going to adult gymnastics. I have so much fun every time I go and have since tried to get all my friends to join me. My skills aren't all that great but I enjoy going. I plan to share this journey with you.

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