Hong Un Jong Gets Zero on Vault

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The Osijek Challenge Cup took place this weekend in Croatia. North Korean gymnast and 2008 Olympic Vault Champion Hong Un Jong was able to attend. She made the event finals competing simpler vaults, a double twisting Yurchenko and another vault worth 5.2 - most likely a Yurchenko half on piked half off (Podkopayeva).  Jong decided to show her more difficult second vault in the final. Her Cheng is usually better than her Amanar, in my opinion, but she did not seem to get the necessary block and landed knees first. There was a long wait for her score but the judges decided her score was a zero as her feet did not hit the mat first.

Watch on youtube here


NCAA Regionals Media

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Rheagan Courville of LSU
Photo Credit: @TheGymShark 

There are plenty of ways to follow along with NCAA Regionals. USA Gymnastics has posted a link to video and live stats for all six meets while The Balance Beam Situation has made a spreadsheet of today's schedule by rotation for each and every regional. Whoa baby! If you're more of a visual person, here are links to team photographers that will be at two of the six regionals.

The Gym Shark
The Gym Shark will be at the Baton Rouge Regional featuring LSU and Stanford. Some edited pictures are posted to twitter of all teams so keep your eyes open!
Website | Twitter

Erin Long
Erin will be at the University Park Regional and will have photos of the Gator gymnasts.

Sarah Cerami Photography

Sarah is a sophomore at Oregon State University and will also be at the University Park Regional. She'll have photos of her teammates, the OSU Beavers.
Website | Facebook

All Flipped Out

Elizabeth is a junior at the University of Georgia and will be at the Athens Regional. She'll have photos of mostly the Georgia Gym Dogs. Make sure to check out her twitter feed as she sometimes posts updates as time allows. She also writes for the student newspaper, Red & Black.
Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Red & Black Gym

Christy Ann Linder

Christy is a former MSU gymnast who is now taking photos for the UCLA Bruins. She won't be at Regionals but is definitely one to follow for both NCAA and elite meets!

Happy Regionals! And good luck to everyone competing!


Russian Nationals 2014 Senior Results and Video

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Russian National Championships are currently taking place. Here are results from the senior all around competition. The senior team final will take place tomorrow (Saturday) and the junior and senior event finals will take place on Sunday. Click on the score for links to video.

All Around medalists
1. Aliya Mustafina      14.733 / 14.333 / 15.400 / 15.100 // 59.566
2. Alla Sosnitskaya     14.700 / 14.467 / 14.067 / 14.833 // 58.067
3. Anastasia Grishina  13.867 / 13.900 / 14.400 / 14.300 // 56.467

Of note from the above 3, Grishina had some difficulty on the UB competing a "tucked" Tkatchev. Mustafina competed a new FX with three excellent turns - a triple Y turn, a quad spin, and a double Y connected to a full turn.

Other notable scores and routines
Viktoria Komova VT (FTY) 14.257 / UB 14.9
Tatiana Nabieva UB 13.993
Dariya Spiridonova UB 15.133
Ksenia Afansyeva VT / FX 13.000

Here is the remaining schedule for the competition.
Saturday 5 April
11:00 - 13:00 Senior Team Final

Sunday 6 April
11:00 - 13:00 Junior & Senior Event Finals
Times are GMT+4, competitions start at 3am EST.


The Gator Experience

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Gymnasts Alaina Johnson and Claire Boyce celebrate after a meet
Photo Credit: Erin: Gator Gym Photographer on instagram

Florida Athletic Department has made two montages for the Gator gymnasts. The most recent, Doesn't Get Better Than This, was shown at the Florida vs. Auburn meet held on February 14.

The other is called The Spark.

The Gator Athletics Department has also posted this recent video of swimmers and football players attempting to do what the gymnasts do. Watch it! You're in for a good laugh.

FLGatorsAthletics has an entire playlist dedicated to the gymnasts here. Who knew?!