Welcome to Arabian Punch Front!

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I just wanted to welcome you all to my gym blog, Arabian Punch Front. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy it!

The name was inspired by Aly Raisman’s Arabian punch front. I remember seeing her new floor routine for 2011 and was shocked after that pass – the height she gets is amazing as well as the fact that she can control the landing well enough to directly connect it to another tumble instead of an uncontrolled leap.

In general, I really like double Arabians on floor – a half turn in to a double front. Many gymnasts are doing them off beam as well (called a Patterson) and, again, I really like Aly’s. Aly has since been seen trying to do a tucked Arabian double front punch layout and a piked double Arabian punch front. Laid out Arabian, anyone?

Hope you enjoy the blog!