This Week in Training: No Rest for the Weary

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My last post was before the holidays and I thought we wouldn't see much immediately after and boy was I wrong!! These aren't in any particular order...

Asuka Teramoto is working double doubles - both on floor and as an uneven bars dismount!
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Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is working a double twisting Yurchenko! It's onto a mat in the pit at the moment but it's a work in progress (as are all of these upgrades).

Noel van Klaveren is working a bhs-tuck full on beam and it looks really solid!

Jazmyn Foberg is showing a FTDLO onto a soft surface.

Ana Filipa Martins of Portugal is working a Bhardwaj! Martins won Portugal's first WAG medal at the Anadia World Cup in Portugal on floor exercise. At Worlds, she was Purtuga's first ever women's gymnast to make the all around event final. Things are looking exciting for her and her country! If you go through her IG, she's also working a toe-on shaposh in the very early stages (IG: filipa_gym)
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Laney Madsen is the 14 year old from Gym-Max who made the change from cheerleading within the last 2 years and is already competing Level 10. She still has some things to clean up but she's an exciting little gymnast to watch! Madsen was just recently at the National Team Camp at the Ranch with her teammates Kyla Ross and Felicia Hano. I'm not sure if we'll get video on her but here's a video she made of some of her routines and upgrades she's working on.

Deanne Soza made a name for herself during her performance at 2014 US Secret Classic. Unfortunately, after P&G Championships, she contracted an eye infection that nearly left her blind. She has since recovered/is recovering and is back to doing her beautiful gymnastics! Here is a bit of her story along with some upgrades. She was also at the recent camp so maybe we'll see some videos from her as well.

Erika Fasana cntinues to work her full twisting double layout. She'll be competing at the American Cup so maybe we'll see it in competition if it's ready!

Morgan Hurd and her gym (IG: fsgym) post quite a few updates! Check out this one of her impeccable form on bars with in bar stalder combinations to a Tkatchev.

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Next time this is posted, it might be with some camp videos!


  1. What a great video of Deanne, did her mom put it on Youtube? Exciting stuff happening. Can't wait for the videos from camp! Yayyyyy!!

    1. Yes, I think it's her mom's account. I was so excited to see the videos and even more excited to see her ready for camp already! Looking forward to the camp vids too! :)