Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Week In Training: Around the World

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Deanne Soza is recovering from her eye injury and is hard at work in the gym. Looks like she has most, if not all, of her skills back. Here she is working a double arabian that is beautiful.
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Morgan Hurd is working a 2.5 punch front full. This is her gym's instagram (fsgym) and has videos of her and a teammate, Cameron Machado, working some UB upgrades as well.
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Maggie Nichols is coming back from her knee injury and shows her Chow (stalder Shaposhnikova variation) on uneven bars. She recently stated in a youtube video that her rehab is going well and that she's actually ahead of schedule. I wish her the best in her recovery.
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Jazmyn Foberg and Laurie Hernandez recently committed to the University of Florida. Both won't graduate high school until after Rio so we have plenty of time to continue to enjoy their elite career. Here is Jazzy working a double double.
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Sofia Busato stole my heart and the hearts of many at last years European Championship with her lovely floor exercise. Here she is working a triple. She is also one of the Italians with a DTY.
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Carlotta Ferlito is slowly coming back from her slew of illnesses. She recently showed a full in on floor which she brought back for the first time since her junior days. She is also working a double layout. Things in Italy are getting intense and she will have to upgrade everywhere to guarantee an all around spot.

Erika Fasana is has recorded footage of her working a Ray (toe on straddled Tkatchev). IG: erika_fasana

Mira Boumejmajen has been working her Van Leeuwen and now shows how it will fit into her routine.

Laura Longueville also posted a video on bars but with the title "Remember." Not sure if she's injured but it's a nice combo - Ray; toe-on, toe-on full, to bail. IG: lauralongueville

Great Britain
Becky Downie is working a van Leeuwen. It might help her get rid of her pre-dismount clear hip half. You should also watch this video because it made me laugh (here)
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Mary-Anne Monckton - if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Monckton is still rehabbing after her peroneal tendon repair. She's been working some bars with the light boot and managed to learn a new skill. Here she is with her new Deltchev.

Netherlands/This Week in Bloopers
Chantysha Netteb is still on the mend after her ACL tear at 2013 Worlds. Although she's made an appearance at many vault event finals, she's a solid all arounder for the Dutch when at full health. Here she is working uneven bars and the shaposh craze. The first Van Leeuwen attempt didn't go so well though... Check her account for a bars combo and her also working a double double on the ropes.
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Glasgow World Cup 2014 Live Blog

A live blog of the Glasgow World Cup 2014. Looks like they're doing 2 flights and the first 4 are warming up currently.

Live video here (need proxy, zenmate and tunnel bear work)
Live results here

Erika Fasana - DTY - she's happy. Good block. Just a lost of leg form in second twist. It'll only get better as she gets more confident with it. 5.8/14.633

Mai Murakami - DTY - good form, maybe not as great height? She makes it around well just a small hop back. Good form throughout. 5.8/14.566. Hmm, thought it was better than Fasana.

Jessica Lopez - DTY - good block. Pikes down a bit for landing. Salutes quickly. 5.8/14.800

Pauline Schäfer - FHS layout 1/2 - very straight in block, just a little pike for the landing. 5.4/14.133 (5.0 if piked, will check official results later)

Ellie Black - FHS layout 1/2 - good vault. decent block, also a little pike for landing. It's hard to really judge vaults I'm not used to seeing... 5.4/14.400

Larisa Iordache - DTY - good block and form just a little hop in place. K, in slow mo, some crossed ankles in 2nd twist. 5.8/15.000 - damn.

Georgina Hockenhull - FTY - good block for a FTY, pikes for landing, small hop in place. I believe she could add at least another half twist. She was reserve for the World Championship team. Commentator Christine Still is her coach. 5.0/13.833

Vanessa Ferrari - DTY - yikes! Didn't get the best block and she's shaking her hands afterward. She tucks her last salto as she's been doing but she didn't make it all the way around either. Hope she's ok. 5.8/13.566 (if they credited her with DTY). She's first up on bars then.

Vanessa Ferrari - she took out her piked jaeger. did giant 1/2 to L-grip giant, to full pirouette to straddled jaeger. then some toe-ons. a little hesitation in handstand before dismount. not a bad routine for her. I really wish they'd reqork it just because l-grip isn't great for her but this was definitely one of her better routines, I'd say. 13.466

Georgina Hockenhull - starts on low bar hop grip change to endo 1/2, stalder, chow (stalder shaposh), bail, stalder full with loss of form, shoot to high; tkatchev a little low. DLO. Seems to let go a little early but get's it around fine. 13.833.

Pauline Schäfer - high bar, toe on giant to gienger, huge; kch 1/2, full pirouette, giant?, giant 1/2 to straddled jaeger, clear hip, bail to handstand, toe on shoot to high; ooh Moors. I have no clue when they're laid out vs. not. Really nice. Best execution so far without a doubt. 13.133... I don't know what her D is so...

Ellie Black - clear hip-Shang; hop grip change to Jaeger to pak. under bar change thingy. toe on giant, toe shoot to high; full pirouette. Moors. Nice nice. I am eagerly awaiting that Shaposh yo. 13.833.

Mai Murakami - clear hip-toe on-giant 1/2- piked jaeger caught close; bail shoot to high; full pirouette; full twisting double layout. She has room to connect things in there but it was clean. She high fives Fasana :D 12.500. Really need some D scores.

Erika Fasana - Maloney - immediate 1/1, giant 1/2, L grip gets kind stuck. toe on Tktchev. comes over on bail. comes off to get back on the other side. shoot to high. DLO. poor girl. So on her Maloney and in L grip she bends her legs (like an exaggerated set for a Jaeger) so she loses the straight line.

Jessica Lopez - piked tkatchev-pak leg sep; missed handstand, Maloney, uprise 1/1, straddled Tkatchev to Gienger; kch 1/2 to straddled Jaeger; a little late on 1/2 pirouette prior to double front dismount. Not her best routine but I think all but 1 of her connections was there. 14.200

Larisa Iordache - stalder 1/1, toe on, toe on shaposh; late on her 1/2 also so low/late straddled jaeger; gets her Ray to pak; toe on shaposh; full twisting double layout. definitely not her best routine. She struggled a bit in her connections. 14.433.

Erika Fasana - bhs-layout 2 feet; switch leap-back tuck;  switch ring nowhere near ring; full turn-Y turn was solid; side somi grabs herself and manages to stay on. front aerial leg wobble. split jump - wolf jump. ro-double pike. she survived. 13.100

Vanessa Ferrari - bhs so-bhs-so, layout 2 feet. switch split-ring leap not at ring per me.... sissone. missed connection i think to front aerial-sheep. switch 1/2 done well. ful turn. solid. switch ring was better. confused split-wolf-split? double pike, low. 13.600

Mai Murakami - bhs-bhs-layout 2 feet-sheep jump. side aerial. double turn. solid. <3 front aerial.  bhs-loso. wobble. korbut. "good body tension. good technique." switch split wobble. split jump-sissone. not great at 180 in my opinion. double pike. best dismount of the 3. I was gonna say "Do it for Asuka" but didn't want to jinx her haha. 13.400

Pauline Schäfer - oh she does the backwards mount to split. cool. bhs-loso. She has some really nice lines and extension. comes off on that. front aerial-side somi. a pretty one if I may say so. double turn wobble and step back but stays on. solid Schafer. side aerial. switch split-sheep. nice.  gainer straight dismount. 13.366

Georgina Hockenhull - bhs-loso just a little wobble. switch split. breaks a connection. switch straddle 1/4. front aerial - sissone? - wolf. full turn with a little flourish.  side aerial solid. she has such calm choreo. switch 1/2. side somi. nice height. double tuck dismount. 13.466

Ellie Black - double spin with a little wobble. ASac's the front pike as per usual :) bhs-layout 2 feet just a little wobble but stays on. bhs-tuck full. steps back and wobbles but stays on. switch split-switch 1/2. good connection. front pike. 2.5 hop forward. 14.833

Jessica Lopez - wolf-split solid. switch side 1/2. wolf full. side aerial. front aerial wobble. bhs-bhs-layout. another leap. full turn. 2.5 and flies forward a bit. 13.633

Larisa Iordache - bhs-tuck full. bhs-layout. loss of leg forma  bit. double turn. steps forward to save it. switch split-switch 1/2. solid connection. front aerial-split jump-sissone.  side somi. solid. Larisa smiling at the end of her routine. Triple twist. a little short i'd say... She waves to her people. 15.166.

Just .233 separating Ellie Black in 2nd from Jessica Lopez in 3rd.

Erika Fasana - double layout with just a hop. full in nice. double Y to illusion. switch ring to switch full. switch 1/2. she has some dramatic choreo moments. haha. and uses her face too. solid double pike. just stays in. step forward. 13.733

Mai Murakami - i love this routine for her. Double layout a little short so she hops forward.  solid triple twist. 1.5 punch front full. Christine said quint spin?! #cray. Definitely a lot and well controlled. solid 2.5 routine. Glad to see her doing well again. 13.833

Vanessa Ferrari - double layout. too low in full in to do the back tuck which she warmed up. double tuck. switch ring-switch full. front aerial. Ferrari leap. another leap but I don't understand how far around it was. double pike. steps oob. potentially 2 feet. 13.400

Pauline Schäfer - handspring double front. double tuck. large step back. ring leap-switch ring. triple I think. Front layout full. another leap. Double pike. Step forward. Christine said a bit static and I agree. She has such beautiful lines but a lot of her choreo is very slow especially for such fast paced music. 12.733 for 4th place at the moment.

Georgina Hockenhull - double arabian. 2.5 punch front. switch ring - split full. double tuck.  solid double turn. double pike. 13.266.

Jessica Lopez - whip triple. super solid. switch? full. double L turn. 2.5  with a hop but goes straight into choreo. solid switch ring and switch 1/2? double turn and full? haha I'm a mess clearly.  double pike. takes a step forward. solid. 13.266. seems low maybe? but i don't know Ds.

Ellie Black - 2.5 through to double twist. front full to double tuck. one foot OOB I think.  double twist to stag. Didn't seem to get off the ground enough? We'll see! 13.566

Larisa Iordache - it looked tucked - tuck full in. k. piked full in. triple? quad? split leap switch split full. solid triple. double Y hop back. solid double pike. LOVE <333333333

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gymnastics Rehab: Mary-Anne Monckton

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Australian gymnast Mary-Anne Monckton returned from the 2014 World Championships with a nagging pain in her ankle. After visiting the doctor and multiple tests, she learned that the injury that had been bothering her for some time was peroneal tendon tear. The Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist on balance beam had to have surgery. She has since decided to make a youtube video diary of what her rehab looks like on a weekly basis.

Here's the intro from the first video:
Following the 2014 World Championships in China I returned home and underwent surgery on my left ankle, which had been bothering me for about a year and became so painful that it hindered my training and competition performances. Turns out that one of the peroneal tendons was ruptured, so the surgeon had to attach it side by side to the tendon next to it.
You can find Monckton's channel here and watch the first video below. She's now off crutches and is already more than 4 weeks post surgery.

Here she is at Doha Challenge Cup earlier this year where she earned a 14.700/16.300, just .15 behind Romania's Larisa Iordache for the silver medal.