Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recently in Training

I've been slacking guys.

Maggie Nichols is working a full in on beam. She won't be going to Italy to allow herself more time to heal from her knee injury and also for skill development. Looking forward to seeing her compete again.

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Double twisting Yurchenko for Canada - juniors Rose Woo and Megan Roberts have joined Shallon Olsen in the DTY department. This bodes well for Canada as all 3 of these juniors are eligible for Rio and are already competitive with the current seniors. Upgrading vault only helps to make them more competitive internationally. The vaults aren't great just yet but they still have a year to perfect them.

Megan Roberts has also started working a toe-on Shaposhnikova half or a van Leeuwen. Extra bonus points for using my current favorite song on Taylor Swift's new album.

Thema Williams of Trinidad has extended her training experience at Geddert's Twistars. Here she is working a toe on-toe 1/1-Tkatchev combination.
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US junior Jordan Chiles is working a double double off uneven bars. She, unfortunately, is not Rio eligible as she turns senior in 2017. Chiles has shown quite a few upgrades so i'm curious what she'll compete this year versus her senior debut.

Lexie Priessman is starting to flip again! It's nothing major but it's still exciting to see after she's had both upper and lower body surgeries.
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Christina Desiderio is working her new BB routine. She has a triple wolf turn and a bhs-bhs-layout 2 feet combo. You can watch it here.

Portions of Laurie Hernandez and Jazmyn Foberg's UB routines are available. Hernandez has the Downie (stalder piked Tkatchev) in her routine and has the Ricna (stalder straddled Tkatchev) connected to a Pak salto.
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Jazzy has the same combination as Roxana Popa - Maloney to immediate Gienger.
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MAG - #inspireageneration
There have been more in MAG but I thought this one was particularly sweet. Giarnni Regini-Moran (GBR) is working on a Cassina - laid out full twisting Tkatchev. He's glad to be joining this elusive club. Watch it once. Then watch the little girl in the foreground. Inspire a generation :)
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jordyn Wieber Announces Retirement

Photo Credit: Dan Johnson Photography

The 2012 Olympic Team Champion Jordyn Wieber of the USA has officially announced her retirement. At the age of just 13 years old, Wieber won her first major international title at the American Cup in 2009. In 2011, for her senior debut, Wieber once again won the American Cup and went on to become World Champion in a final that came down to thousandths of a point. Wieber's success continued into the Olympic year where she was named to the Olympic Team that would go on to win gold, the first for the USA since the Magnificent Seven in 1996. While Wieber did not make the all around final, she did have the opportunity to compete in the floor final although her performance was hindered by a stress fracture in her right leg. Her floor performance in the team final is something that will stick with fans of the sport for a long time as she came back from such heartache to have the performance of a lifetime.

"Yes, it’s time to for me to retire from elite gymnastics. But I can honestly say that I don’t have any regrets looking back on the past 15 years.

"I had my share of injury set-backs, falls during competitions, bad practices and disappointment. But I honestly believe that all of those experiences helped make me who I am, and who I will become.

"It goes without saying that the Olympics was the highlight of my career. As I move on from the sport, I want to be sure it is known that I am completely fulfilled and content with my experience at the Games. It was difficult to accept the reality of having an injury at the most crucial moment in my career. I am grateful that I was able to compete and be part of winning the Olympic Team Gold.

"Retiring from gymnastics wasn’t an easy decision because it is a world I love. I loved the people, the competition, the traveling, the challenge. I loved the support I felt from gymnastics fans across the world. I truly appreciate all the kindness that was expressed over the years.

"Gymnastics was an experience that changed my life forever and it will always be part of my life."

You can read Jordyn Wieber's full retirement announcement here. Wieber's contributions to USA Gymnastics and to the sport will be missed.

What are you favorite Jordyn Wieber memories and moments?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ginnaste: Vite Parallele - MTV Series on Italian Gymnasts

Ginnaste: Vite Parallele (Gymnasts: Parallel Lives) is about to start it's third series on MTV Italia. The previous protagonist of the series, Carlotta Ferlito, has stepped down from her role in the series and up and coming talents Enus Mariani and Elisa Meneghini have taken over. The new season starts March 16 and features of the main characters have been posted. (The videos are only available if you have an Italian IP address.)

Enus Mariani - video
Enus Mariani talks briefly about her back injury that kept her out of gymnastics for 2 years. During the time off, she very sad because all that she could do was watch her teammates train. Thanks to her parents support she found the strength to hold on and come back stronger than ever. Enus has 2 tattoos, one on her forearm that says "the best is yet to come." The second is on her side and is a tattoo with the E and a crown because most of her friends call her the queen.