Montage Monday: As We Wait for Sandy

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A lot of East Coast gym fans are waiting to see what Hurricane Sandy is capable of doing. I hope everyone's staying safe as we wait her out for the next few days. Here are some montages to tide all of you over that still have power and internet. These videos are not in order of preference. The first 2 you may not have seen while the 3rd has been featured on Gymnastics Coaching and Gymnasts 391. Grab a snack and enjoy!

Gymnastics: Olympics 2012 - Fix You
Song: Fix You by Coldplay

Theme: Disappointing Olympic Moments
This first one is really well done but also breaks your heart. The entire time. There's a moment in the middle where I can't tel if I'm supposed to be happy or sad but then the remainder of the video makes me sad again. Very very sad. It's about all the heartache during the games - McKayla falling on vault, Sandra Izbasa, Ksenia Afansyeva, and Anastasia Grishina on FX, and, of course, lots of Jordyn. There are other athletes that make appearances to like Nataliya Kononenko of Ukraine on the uneven bars. It's very well done and the song fits it very well - Fix You.
Watch here or below:

Gymnastics Fluff: London 2012
Song: Audio from the 2004 Olympics, 2008 Olympic Trials

Theme: 2012 Olympic (Team Final?) Fluff using old audio 

This is an amazing fluff done by HuangQiushuangFan. The audio of Marta is from 2008 US Olympic Trials. I think it's really well done and it fits with the tension of these games. It starts off with a focus on the US, then goes on to the other Big 3 nations - Russia, Romania, and China. Read a few of the comments after you watch the video because it helps make sense of some of the words.
Watch here or below:

Gymastics - You don't know me but Here I am
Song: September by Daughtry

Theme: 2012 Olympians that competed as individuals 
This is definitely the feel good montage of the bunch. This one focuses on the ladies that competed as individuals - athletes like Vasiliki Millousi, Yamilet Pena, amongst others. Not everyone is included but it focuses a lot on their highlights of the Games. Test yourself on how many you can name!
Watch here or below:

Which one is your favorite?

Next week will be Viktoria Komova Montage Monday! Feel free to comment, tweet, or email suggestions.

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Sandy's wreaking havoc everywhere that I love. Hope you all stay safe or get safely evacuated if need be. And hope your families are safe too!

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  1. I liked the "You don't know me but Here I am" montage.

    To be able to say you were an Olympic gymnast is astounding, and some of these girls earned that with such limited resource and support.

    When you're the soul representative for your country in that field, the pressure is incredible. Success is rewarded handsomely, but failure is treated with cruelty. Valeria was mocked by the Israeli Media as clumsy.

    Can someone please explain why for MAG it's so different? Gymnasts who compete as individuals do so well in finals and become champions.