Funny Things Around the Gymternet Jan-Apr 2015

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Some funny things from around the gymternet. No one was hurt in these videos! They're just funny gymnastics bloopers and remind you how difficult some things are or how quickly they can go wrong.

Gym got me like (twitter)


Team/Competitive gymnasts seem to have this love hate relationship with rec gymnasts. This person later tweeted that the young girl was fine and jumping around in 5 minutes.

Future LSU Tiger Ruby Harrold finds a vine of future teammate McKenna Kelley amusing.

Even elite gymnasts can make fun of themselves. Nica Hults remembers a bars fall, I think as a junior.

The end of the semester is approaching. Ready?

This song was popular on vine maybe a year ago? Lots of dancers would use it to do cool moves to it. Here's the gymnast version.

This is an oldie but goodie... especially when your teammates are super supportive.

This has to be my favorite one. What a way to comeback from a fall!

Let me know what you think of this. Most of these videos were posted by the gymnasts themselves in good fun.


  1. unfortunately I can't see any of the videos/images! :(

    1. May not work on some hand-held devices - if it's your computer, you'll probably need to update flash

  2. I think these videos were great - they are definitely humorous, but they also definitely show how difficult these skills are.

    1. yeah. since we don't see training much, we never realize how hard it is to get these things right and how often they can go wrong! glad you liked it!

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