Merry Christmas Montage Monday Part 2!

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Montage Monday continued! Part 1 can be found here.

Aly Raisman - Hall of Fame
Song: Hall of Fame - the Script ft.
Made By: E007y
I've become obsessed with this song by The Script and decided to youtube "gymnastics hall of fame" and this montage was the first to pop up. Aly's the perfect athlete for this song and I really love how it features some Olympic moments as well as some of her earlier days - like when she first launched onto the senior scene in 2010. It also opens with this clip: "This is just a future Olympian shirt. Maybe you'll be there someday." I love the part starting at 1:15 "Break all the records they thought never could be broke (making the AA), do it for your people (mom and dad), do it for your pride (Mihai)." I don't think I could say enough positive things about this montage so go watch it!
Watch here or below:

John Orozco - By My Side
Song: My Other Gun - Ne-Yo
Made By: TheGymEffect
I haven't posted many MAG montages and I don't think many have been made. This one focuses on the highlights of John Orozco's career.
Watch here or below:

USA's Fierce 5 (inspired by the Ocean's 11 fountain scene)
Song: Claire de Lune
Made By: iLitter/@CSaccullo
I really love the concept behind this montage. It's all about the Fierce 5 and features the Team Final Medal Ceremony. My favorite has to be the camera panning across the 5 girls with a highlight of their team final performance overlaid - it gives that dream like quality and reminds you what got them to 1st place on the podium. Chris has also made other videos recently - another of the Fierce 5 friendships and one of McKayla and Kyla's friendship. Check his channel here.
Watch here or below:

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!