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More montages = Happy Arabian Punch Front :)
There are 4 montages this time - one of Jordyn Wieber, one of the Fierce 5, one of Viktoria Komova, and one of the entire Olympics. Make sure to check them all out!

These first 2 montages probably couldn't be more contrasted. The first one is by EmmsDream and features Jordyn Wieber. It has a slower song and chronicles her career in the last 2 years from 2011 World Champion to 2012 Gold Medalist. It puts everything in perspective. No, Jordyn did not get the 2012 All Around crown but she still has the team gold which was on of her goals and is still just as important. There are also cute clips of her as a child throughout which kinda pulls on your heart strings a bit... or a lot.

Watch here or below:

The other one is by Patrick O'Neil, a friend of our lovely Chris Saccullo/iLitter, to the song "Good Time" by Flo Rida and, just like the song, this video is fast paced but super bad ass. Even Spanny liked it!

Watch here or below:

We have one by CSac/iLitter of Viktoria Komova chronicling her Olympic experience. It's another amazing video by Chris that I love. You know how sometimes you're watching a montage and you're like "Please don't show Bross' injury! Please don't show Aliya's injury! Please don't show ASac falling off the beam!?" Well, you'll have to watch and see if this one shows Vika crying. Also, Aliya makes a guest appearance :)

Viktoria Komova - BEAUTIFUL RIDE from CSaccullo on Vimeo.

I'm not going to lie. This is the kind of montage I was waiting for - one that was Olympics-wide (for gymnastics anyway). All teams are represented in this video, as are falls and spills, and stuck dismounts and happy gymnasts. I've never heard the song before but it fit so well with the montage and the theme that I was in such a good mood as I was watching it.

2012 Olympics - I'm On Top of the World from kiwigymnast16 on Vimeo.

I hope you had the chance to watch them all. If not, come check this post out again when you're not too busy studying/working.

Which one was your favorite?


  1. As always thanks for sharing our videos and giving us feed back on them =] I always feel that everyone knows about the falls and what not that happen and i would rather just celebrate the gymnast being highlighted rather then try and contrast the good and bad times all the time. I think the drowned out guitar at the end of the song is gorgeous just like Vika, felt it was a great backdrop to showcase her smiling and just ride out the moment to close out the video, something that doesn't get shown nearly enough because it conflicts with many media outlets "diva" spin on her. I hope we will get to see plenty more of her in the future, she really preserves the artistry of the sport in a time when it's often looked passed especially here in the US.

    1. No problem. I love montages. They add another dimension to the lovely sport :)

      I really liked your video and I'm glad it didn't end with Vika crying, I was just trying to be subtle so people would watch it all the way through ;) I know I smiled at the end. We definitely saw a lot more of a positive, smiling Vika than we're used to seeing at competitions. I loved it and I'm glad you showcased it. "Diva" is actually a teenage girl doing the sport she loves and I'm glad you showed that side of her.

    2. yeah i liked that you pointed that out and liked the way you presented it before the viewer watches =]

  2. Wow those are so great! I can't decide my favorite between the fierce five and the last one! So, so so good